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A Guide to Drunk Talk

The other night, I went to happy hour with a friend and some of her coworkers. While I am usually quite content getting drunk with strangers, I met them when they were three hours deep into what was supposed to be a one drink gathering. So, instead of trying to catch up to them, I […]

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The Shit vs. The Tits

Some things are easier said than done. Making soufflés, for one. Training for a half marathon. Or even, I don’t know, thinking before you speak. No one does it. We just kind of vomit out whatever half-formed thoughts are floating around in our heads. Or maybe that’s just me. But anyways, it leads to things […]

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No Hetero

Occasionally, you happen upon a colloquialism so casually offensive, so ridiculously mean, that you cannot compute what you’ve heard until years later. For me, that was the phrase “No homo.” You know the one: it came with the advent of the ultimate masculine brohug, a tool invented to signal “This is platonic, man.” Because, you […]

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