About Me

I’m Lisa. I’m a twenty-six year old writer living in Portland, Oregon. Born and raised in New Jersey, I miss cheesesteaks and Wawa terribly, but I wouldn’t give up living in the Pacific Northwest for anything in the world. I’m a second year student in Portland State’s MFA in Creative Nonfiction program. Sometimes I’m funny, but mostly I’m just awkward.

I currently write for Willamette Week, and I am the Associate News Editor and resident book snob at the Portland State Vanguard.

I have also written for The Donnybrook Writing Academy and TurboPUP in the past. I ghostwrite, develop content, and freelance edit for private clients.

Things I like: drawing stick figure art; Samurai Cop; making ugly faces at strangers; cartoons; inconsistency; poorly imitating my favorite TV & movie characters; speaking in obviously fake accents; reading and pretending to understand The New Yorker; resenting but not deleting my Facebook; making a mess in my kitchen and expecting it to take care of itself; and guacamole.

Things I wish would just go away: when people say “New Joisey”; inconsistency; Seth MacFarlane; tomatoes; and cat people. (Especially cat people.)

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