About OJ&T

What started as a humor blog is now just a little magpie collection of things I like and things I sometimes think.

You may ask yourself: Why Orange Juice and Toothpaste? What does this website have to do with that unholy combination of citrus and mint? It’s a horrible name, you might say. Off-putting. Blech, etc., etc.

Well, yes, it is off-putting, but I named it OJ&T for a reason. This website’s concept started as a collection of essays (and listicles, yes, I know, get with the times) on the worst and weirdest aspects of modern American culture. I focused most heavily on pop culture, since, for a long time, all I did with my free time was watch television and stalk famous people on Twitter.

But I’m older now. I gave up cablefor Netflix, but still—and my Twitter time amounts to stalking The Onion and Eric Wareheim in between writing essays on spec and taking care of my lunatic dog. While I transition, so does this website. I’m not sure what it is right now, but it’s not what it used to be. I don’t update it very much—only when the mood strikes. For the time being, it amounts to a bunch of half-baked thoughts on anything from writing to living with anxiety to the old stand-by of pop culture. But I’m sticking with it, because I love having a record of all the weird shit that once fascinated me. And who knows? Maybe one day I’ll figure out what this is.

Questions? Comments? Requests for me to please-god-stop-writing? Send all inquiries to lisadunnwriter@gmail.com

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