Monthly Archives: February 2013

My Daily Thoughts: A Breakdown

Lisa is feeling lazy, kids, hence the pie chart. Also, food. Note that the chart is broken down by food-based colors: licorice, strawberry, cherry, and, uhhh, sky blue. Mmmm, sky. The pie, by the way, was marionberry. And it was delicious.

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You’re Going to Die Alone! Part Two

Happy Vawentine’s Day, fwends. I hope you’ve all got plans to go eat an overpriced dinner at an overhyped restaurant and then have disappointing sex with someone you plan on breaking up with soon anyways. As for me, this has been a period of reflection (and chocolate), and it has made me think of one […]

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You’re Going to Die Alone! Part One

Confession: I went to the grocery store yesterday for the first time in a month. A whole month of eating frozen burritos and ramen, of seeing if I could steal food from my coworkers without them noticing, of going out to eat and splurging on a $10 meal only if I could make it last […]

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