Being Busy With Things and Stuff

Man, life flies by when you’re busy scooping poop for 40+ hours a week. That is my way of apologizing for falling off of the face of the earth. Sometimes being an adult sucks, because you can’t just sit in front of the television and watch Doug, open-mouthed, while eating Dunkaroos. To top it off, I adopted a little weirdo of my own, an aussie-chow mix who is wonderful, but a handful. He’s got a bit of a lazy eye and doesn’t really care for other dogs. Or strangers. Or leaf blowers.

In all seriousness, though, it’s been a weird couple of months, trying to figure out what I’m doing with my life (scooping poop), what I want to do with my life (not scoop poop), and how I want to go about doing that (big gurl skewl). So, without further ado, I announce my (tentative) return to OJ & Toothpaste. I’ve missed making fun of people and things. HAI GUISE!!

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